Fascia & Guttering

Installation and Repairs

Fascia & Guttering Repairs

Do you have a leaking or blocked guttering? Or maybe your fascia and guttering have become worn in comparison to the rest of your home? Midlands RFG has several years experience in fascia replacement and gutter repair across the UK, including Stafford, Cannock, Birmingham, and the West Midlands.  So you can be confident you are using a reliable and experienced home improvement and property maintenance company.

Ensuring your fascia and guttering is not damaged or faulty should be a regular occurrence for the maintenance of your property. Well-installed guttering can help prevent future problems with your home that can arise out of the blue, such as:

  • Foundation problems
  • Flooding under your home
  • Water damage
  • Damp

Fascia & Guttering Replacement

Not only is it important to the integrity of your home, but a great way to facelift your property and improve its value is to replace the old warn fascia and guttering. Give your home that new refreshed look that potential homeowners in the future will be looking for. At Midlands RFG We have a great range of colours and styles of fascia boards to perfectly suit your aesthetic, inkeeping with the latest technology and home trends.

Whether you are looking for gutter replacement, gutter repairs or just maintenance, Midlands RFG have you covered. Fascia replacement and fascia installation costs varies depending on the damage of your property, but we can assure you our professionals will give you the best value for money. Contact us today.