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Your gutter and drainpipe is a central tenet to your housing structure. Your draining system diverts water away from your house, keeping your foundations dry and sturdy, limiting erosion, and preventing mold. There are ways you can stop drainpipe problems yourself through cleaning or buying basic parts. However, there are times when drainpipe repairs can only be completed by a professional.

Here at Midlands RFG, we employ experts to fix the exterior of houses, including mending broken or faulty gutters. We pride ourselves on high-quality finishes. Our combined years of experience help make Midlands RFG one of the highest quality installation companies in the midlands at affordable prices. Our excellent gutter repairs will guarantee that you see fewer problems and less of us!

Does my gutter need fixing?

If you have noticed problems with your guttering such as overflowing or gaps, you might need your gutter replaced, or you might be able to clean it out yourself. We have created a handy guide so you know when to call in the professionals, check it out below.

How much is it going to cost?

This is, unfortunately, not a standard question with a standard answer. Your repair job could range from anything between £50 for replacing a drainpipe joint, to over £300 per metre when installing new guttering.

At Midlands RFG, we are completely transparent with our costs upfront. There are no hidden costs or secret fees attached. Before we get started on your work, we arrange a free visit and quotation allowing our expert team to get a feel for the problem and what will need to be fixed. We make sure you know, upfront, what it is going to cost. Our prices are highly competitive, and our customer service is second to none, so give us a ring today for your free quote!

How do I organise a free visit and quote?

For drainpipe repairs, fill in our contact form below. One of our helpful and friendly team will be in contact to arrange a time that best suits you. We will then assess the situation and what needs to be repaired which will help us to work out a competitive quote. If you then chose to go with our services, our team will contact you again and sort out a repair date.

Can I fix my gutter myself?

There are certain scenarios where it might appear that your gutter is broken however it might be that it needs cleaning. If you are able, you might prefer to do this yourself. However, at Midlands RFG, we do provide drainpipe cleaning services as well. Below are the following symptoms of a broken drainpipe and guidance regarding whether this is a job for you or specialist gutter repairs.

Many people realise they have a problem with their guttering through an incessant overflowing. The first thing to check here is that there is nothing blocking the guttering such as mud, moss or twigs. If there is, clean this out. If this makes no difference, check the drainpipes for similar blockages. If there is nothing in the pipes, then it is time to call a professional to do the drainpipe repairs as this might be because of unlevel drainpipes.


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