Thinking about tiled roof repairs? 

Or in need of felt roof replacement? We understand the stress that damaged, broken or dislodged roof tiles can cause on a homeowner. Leaving your roofing damaged and exposed can further damage your home, resulting in more expensive tiled roof repairs. At Midlands RFG we provide clients with quick and professional tiled roof repairs to help put your mind at ease. We talk through what service you may require so you can be sure your roofing repair will be done by an expert and reputable roof repair company, at a low cost.


New Tiled roof after tiled roof repair


Our Tiled Roof Repairs

  • Porches
  • Traditional tiled roof installation
  • Slate roof repairs
  • Lead flashing work 
  • Truss repairs 
  • Roof lights
  • Roof windows 
  • Dry verge 
  • Dry valley replace and repair 
  • Dry ridge



Tiled roof installation is one of the most popular roofing solutions across the UK, but it is still vulnerable to damage and the elements. Our roofs have to deal with a lot - heavy rain, strong winds, falling trees and growing plants and moss, so it's not surprising they sometimes need a bit of TLC. Our highly skilled team specialise in tiled roof repairs of all sizes and can work with your home no matter what shape it is.

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